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Metal Reincarnations by Stefan "Steebo" Bonitz

Stefan was born on Long Island, NY in 1969. Shortly thereafter, he moved to Greenville, SC and then to Asheville, NC at the age of five.

Crediting his mother for his artistic visions, Stefan began showing interest in creative projects as early as kindergarten and first grade. The big leap into an art career didn't happen until he was inspired by Howard Munson of The San Francisco Art Institute, who recognized Stefan's talent. With the help of Munson's coaching and rekindling of artistic attention, Stefan proceeded to co-create a retail outlet in Asheville, showcasing over 200 artists including his own works.

His media of that period, 1989-1995, included works of fabric, leather, airbrushing, acrylic painting, graphic design, and mixed media assemblages. The need to attach metal objects led to welding classes at Asheville-Bumcombe Technical College, followed by apprenticeships with several metal artists including Reed Todd of Asheville.

Metal became the primary focus of Stefan's work as "Steebo Design" in July of 1995. The main emphasis was on functional art, lighting, furniture, and garden sculpture, with a style ranging from folk art to high design.

Currently Stefan's drive and desire has funneled to a focal point of  "art from the heart" and the creations are branded as "Steebo Sculptures".

Working almost solely in recycled found objects, Stefan's work continues to evolve daily as the list of collectors also grows.


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