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Thoughts on Art

Thursday, September 20, 2007

I believe that the the artist is the grassroots possibility of resurrecting manufacturing in the United States. With factories all but gone, America is lacking production of tangible goods. Support of the individual who has the vision to create unique objects of desire, whether for beauty or functionality, is essential for reinstating this country to its global position as a valuable producer. Every one is an artist. Everyone can be a producer. There is no such thing as unemployment. When we as a society cease to create, people begin to loose self. Homelessness, poverty, and even poor health result. This dilemma has a direct link to the thought that man is created in the image of god. God is the ultimate creator. When people no longer create they deny the fulfillment of existence as a mirror or extension of the creator. All self worth is lost and society suffers. The process is simple. High-technology and expensive machinery are not essential. The conception may be nothing more than sitting on the porch and whittling a stick or weaving a basket. Don’t stop! Your first results may seem unimportant, worthless and even a waste of time. Take another good look at your first attempt at art. Now envision a wall of 30 similar pieces. All of a sudden we have “inventory” and possibly a great value to yourself, as well as a richer culture that you have to pass on to future generations. The majority of people reading this will respond “I am not a good artist”. There is no such thing as “wrong” art. We are making the mistake in grade schools of scoring art projects. In my opinion If a student has completed an assignment with his/her best effort and intention, they’ve got an “A”. Not all will see the worth of your productions. Folk Art is growing widely as an accepted discipline in the art community as “real art”. Paintings on a 3rd grade level are fetching tens of thousands of dollars. Where is the worth? How about the smiles that it puts on peoples faces. How about the true, untainted feeling and intention that went into the work. Can you not release a creation of your own? If not, you too have been diminished by the “grade” syndrome that our schools have tarnished our society with. The affluent art collector feels good and proud of his/her “folk Art” or other art collection. Art has so much more value than the sticker price on it. I feel fortunate and appreciative that my sculptures have been so greatly accepted and supported. I strive to support other artists in the same ways. For my walls, for my happiness, and for my hopes for the future of my country.


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