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                                       8' tall x 24" wide      Indoor/Outdoor Sculpture


                                                              Price  $3400


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                                       "Purse Strings"

                                           6'7" tall x 70" wide, 36" deep

                                                                   Indoor/Outdoor Sculpture


                                                            Price $4,200

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         "One of Many Faces"

                                            6' tall x 26" wide x 22" deep

                                                               Indoor/Outdoor Sculpture


                                                         Price $3900


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         "Letter Opener"

                                            10'5" tall x 3' wide x 2'6" deep

                                                               Indoor/Outdoor Sculpture


                                                         Price $5000


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         "Unbearable Lightness"

                                            6'4" tall x 2' wide x 26" deep

                                                               Indoor/Outdoor Sculpture


                                                         Price $5000


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Steebo has been producing sculpture since 1989, that means there are antiques out there that occasionally present themselves as an opportunity for a new collector to enjoy a timeless classic Steebo artifact! Grab one when you can because it might be another 20-30 (or more) years before it becomes available again!

All items below are resale and refinished or can be refinished to as-new condition.
Lets chat!


"Chief 4 Moons"

                                                Approximate Height 14'

                                                       Indoor/Outdoor Sculpture circa 2009


                    Price $8000 + delivery and install (currently in Texas)





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              "The Yearning"

                               44" high x 40" wide x 65" deep

                                            Indoor/Outdoor Sculpture


           This is a SUPER CLASSIC Steebo sculpture

          from back in the "behind Hot Dog King" days!

    Price $5500         Has been residing in Vermont and is now

                                               back in the Asheville area. Has been kept

         indoors with a shiny brushed steel finish. Since transport has 

        acquired a "flash rust" which is kinda cool and a possible new

                             direction or can be easily restored to same-as-new.


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      Character Bicycle Rack


                                      Outdoor functional sculpture.

             Originally commissioned by Burgermeister in West Asheville.

                          Ideal for commercial application...or your home!


           Price $1000





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To open up a brief slide show of past Steebo "Highlights" click on the photo image on the homepage. For a more comprehensive overview of Steebo's past works visit the Flickr page. Another good way to see a lot of past Steebo works as well as candid shots of the inner workings of the Steebo Studio is to go to Steebo Sculptures page on Facebook and click on "photos". Please like or follow the page while you're there. Often times new works in progress are snagged (by fans like you) before they are even finished or posted here as available - PRO TIP :-)

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