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                                                   NEW WORK!  Approximately 10' tall


                                                              Price   SOLD

                                       "Purse Strings"

                                           6'7" tall x 70" wide, 36" deep


                                                            Price $4,200


                         10'6" tall x 4' wide


                             Price   SOLD

                  Speed Walker

                            16' tall x 12' wide.

     Sculpture Celebration Merit Award Winner!


Price $14,000 plus install (requires a foundation)

                     Industrial Eruption Series

~6' tall x ~3' width/depth, 32.5" base, Approx. 1,500 lbs. each.


                                     Price SOLD   for set of 3.

                     Miracle Stack

                  98" tall x 65" width, 42" deep


                                  Price   SOLD

To open up a brief slide show of past Steebo "Highlights" click on the photo image on the homepage. For a more comprehensive overview of Steebo's past works visit the Flickr page  ->

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